A perfect layered responsive slider showcasing your products and services impressively. It is very attractive and appropriate with any kind of website.
Responsive & Touchable

The slider is responsive itself, which means it can be adapted to any size of the browser or the device screens. You can place it anywhere and it will automatically adjust to display perfectly. additionally, you can touch to switch back and forth between slides.

multi slider

You can show many sliders on the same website, they are built to run independently. You are able to customize skins, buttons, etc... of each slider separately.

many skins

Wopesliders provides you 10 different skins to choose from, and they can be easily changed through one line of code. Skins make your slider blend with the style of your web.

many animations type

The slider offers you many ways to show sliders combined with easings.

Gui Options

The slider provides you next, prev, play, pause, numbered and radio buttons. You can choose to hide/display essential ones.

Document & Support

Document will help you use the slider easily. Email us if you need support.