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Beatiful Post with Image Slider

The campaign is called “Have a nice working day – Let’s take a break” and holding open meetings at work places is central to this effort. The union ombudsmen, shop stewards and other activists plan to visit hundreds of work places this year.

The tour got underway at the end of March, starting out from Lapland, the most northerly part of Finland, and will gradually proceed southwards. The last meetings are scheduled for the middle of December.

These meetings do not have a fixed agenda. The union representatives are there to listen to how things are on the ground, trying to solve problems, answering questions and taking note of issues that demand more consideration. All this information is extremely important when JHL is planning its policy line and will inevitably have an influence on any action it may take when disputes arise.

People have widely different opinions as to what constitutes a good working day, or for that matter, a good working environment. Just to collect or gather this practical information is another important goal of the campaign.

JHL has produced posters and other material to advertise these meetings. It has also opened a blog allowing members to follow how the tour around the country is going. On the JHL Facebook page there is a photo contest under the heading “What is a good working day? Members are encouraged to take a photo that shows or depicts, in one way or another, how a good working day looks like. A Twitter account is also used in the campaign.

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